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Waanx Offers Holistic Exchange Platform

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The adoption of digital assets and cryptocurrencies is rapidly growing worldwide, with exchanges playing a pivotal role in facilitating secure and efficient trading. However, launching a reliable digital asset exchange presents significant security, regulatory compliance, liquidity, and user experience challenges.

This case study examines how AlphaPoint, a leading provider of digital asset infrastructure solutions, enabled Waanx Exchange, a Thailand-based cryptocurrency exchange and brokerage service, to overcome these obstacles and successfully establish a robust trading platform.

Waanx Exchange is a digital asset exchange and brokerage service company headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand. With a registered capital of approximately $4.1 million, Waanx aims to provide fully regulated and secure cryptocurrency trading services while maintaining high standards of liquidity and user experience.

The company’s mission is to facilitate the growth of the cryptocurrency economy in Thailand and promote financial inclusivity by offering a user-friendly and trustworthy platform for digital asset trading.

Seeking a Secure and Efficient Digital Asset Trading Platform

To achieve these goals, Waanx required establishing a secure aHd efficient digital asset trading platform presented several challenges for Waanx exchange

  • Security concerns – Ensuring the security of user assets and protecting against cyber threats is paramount for any cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Regulatory compliance – Operating a fully compliant exchange requires adherence to stringent regulations and obtaining necessary licenses.
  • Liquidity and user experience – Maintaining high liquidity and providing a seamless user experience are essential for attracting and retaining users.
  • Operational efficiency – Managing high trading volumes without compromising performance and efficiency is crucial for long-term success.

Waanx Exchange needed a solution that could address these challenges holistically while aligning with their goals and requirements.

The Solution
AlphaPoint’s Holistic Approach to Digital Asset Trading

After extensive market research and recommendations from industry peers, Waanx Exchange selected AlphaPoint’s comprehensive digital asset trading solution.

AlphaPoint’s solution provided Waanx with the necessary tools to overcome their challenges. The platform’s renowned reputation for prompt and assured delivery, strong security features, compliance with regulations, and seamless integration capabilities made it the ideal choice for Waanx.

One of the key factors that set AlphaPoint apart was their ability to provide SOC (System and Organization Controls) reports to Waanx. These reports, which demonstrate a technical audit of the platform, were instrumental in satisfying regulatory requirements. By providing these reports, AlphaPoint showcased its platform’s robustness and security and saved Waanx the time and resources required to perform its audits. This level of transparency and commitment to meeting regulatory standards further solidified Waanx’s confidence in partnering with AlphaPoint.

AlphaPoint’s offering distinguished itself from alternatives through its holistic approach, garnering recognition in the industry for its security, user experience, and regulatory compliance. The platform’s capacity to manage high trading volumes without compromising operational efficiency served as a significant differentiator, aligning perfectly with Waanx’s goals and requirements.

Increased Efficiency, Stakeholder Confidence, and Employee Satisfaction

Following the implementation of AlphaPoint’s solution, Waanx Exchange experienced a range of positive outcomes:

  • Received commendable feedback from the regulator during the demo for business activation, particularly regarding the platform’s ease of use and security measures
  • Increased efficiency by automating processes and streamlining operations
  • Improved analytics and reporting capabilities for better decision-making
  • Enhanced security measures and user experience, resulting in a more productive and satisfying work experience for employees.


Key Learnings

Waanx Exchange’s experience with AlphaPoint highlights several key learnings for companies seeking to launch digital asset trading platforms:

  • Holistic solutions are crucial – Addressing security, compliance, liquidity, and user experience holistically is essential for success.
  • Industry expertise matters – Partnering with a provider with deep industry knowledge and a proven track record can mitigate risks and ensure a smooth implementation.
  • Customization enables differentiation – The ability to tailor the platform to specific requirements allows differentiation in a competitive market.
  • Scalability unlocks growth – A solution that can scale efficiently as trading volumes grow is critical for long-term success.


By leveraging AlphaPoint’s expertise and comprehensive digital asset trading solution, Waanx Exchange was able to overcome significant challenges and establish a secure, compliant, and efficient platform. This case study demonstrates how the right technology partner can empower exchanges to thrive in the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency landscape.

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