It’s our 9-Year Anniversary! 🎉

AlphaPoint 9-Year Anniversary - Crypto

For nine years, we have been believers in bitcoin and crypto’s ability to bring financial freedom and inclusivity to those most in need. It has been an amazing year for our global network of exchange and brokerage operators, whose end user reach has grown to 40 million users with over 8.5M on the platform.

The last 12 months have been a rollercoaster, as is typical in crypto, and saw some of the most transformative moments pushing forward the mission of bitcoin globally – most notably El Salvador becoming the first country to make bitcoin legal tender, with others following in their footsteps. Over our 9 years of operation, we have powered over 150 exchanges globally, empowering financial inclusion and access to digital asset markets for nearly every region worldwide.

This last year brought about our partnership with the Government of El Salvador to power the first national bitcoin wallet. AlphaPoint powers the integration of the entire Chivo ecosystem including the mobile application, mobile point-of-sale processing, merchant website portal, call-center support software, and administrative console. For a country whose population was 70% unbanked, Chivo serves as critical financial infrastructure, powering commerce, payments and remittances in-country and cross-border, allowing users to seamlessly make and receive transactions in bitcoin free of charge with no commission fees and extend global financial inclusion for millions of users.



Over the year, several new products and services were introduced including the Yield Platform, Merchant Processing, Mobile Retail Wallet, and the addition of dozens of new assets / blockchains into the platform.

While the broader crypto community has shifted into a bear market on the heels of macro-economic events and the Terra/Luna meltdown, AlphaPoint’s customers continue to boom. AlphaPoint’s customers grew accounts to 8.5M across client exchange, brokerage, and wallet platforms worldwide.

We’re Hiring
While several firms in the industry have announced layoffs due to market conditions, AlphaPoint continues to aggressively hire and expand the team globally, with new offices and team members joining in LATAM and APAC. We are committed to recruiting world class talent to empower our customers providing critical financial infrastructure. AlphaPoint currently has dozens of remote positions open to candidates across the globe. Join us for year 10!

2022 featured a trip to El Salvador in March for a week-long company outing. Being at the heart of Chivo wallet’s development, our team was able to experience firsthand the impact of Chivo as a payment method. Nowhere else in the world can you walk into the local grocery store (Super Selectos), small shops across the country or major global brand name stores such as Starbucks, Subway, Wendy’s, Pizza Hut or McDonald’s and use bitcoin for the purchase. Using bitcoin in-country strengthened our resolve to continue refining and innovating the user experience for the betterment of El Salvadorian quality of life.


We’re capping off this anniversary with special swag items: AlphaPoint’s limited 9-year celebratory t-shirt and Chivo hat. Interested in getting one? Send us a message on Twitter @AlphaPointLive


In Closing
We couldn’t be prouder of our team, customers and partners for the impact we continue to make in the world. Building and maintaining world-class products and services isn’t easy, and it takes dedication, integrity and execution excellence. AlphaPoint is ready for the challenge and we look forward to continuing to power the innovation needed in the world for years to come.

The AlphaPoint Team

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