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Banks & Broker Dealers

Offer crypto currency and digital assets to clients, and digitize assets to increase liquidity, with AlphaPoint's Crypto Exchange and Asset Digitization software.

AlphaPoint Solution

Only AlphaPoint provides the powerful combination of digital asset exchange technology with a robust network of additional exchanges to improve liquidity and increase access to capital. AlphaPoint’s full-stack platform enables broker dealers to offer client access to next generation asset classes.

Key Benefits:

  • Offer client access to cryptocurrency and other digital asset classes
  • Secure, scalable, and battle tested
  • Gain unprecedented liquidity, with access to network of 100+ exchanges that use AlphaPoint technology
  • Sector (or vertical) specific integrations
  • Blockchain agnostic and designed explicitly for protocol interoperability

There are tremendous opportunities for global economic growth if the value in illiquid assets can be unlocked and existing financial marketplaces made more efficient.

Gain access to the growing community of investors in cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. Adopt blockchain technology to unlock illiquid capital and develop new business.

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